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Domestic Relations: Family Law And Divorce With A Focus On A Collaborative Approach

Domestic Relations described in the Ohio Revised Code include marriage, divorce, and parental rights and responsibilities. Many reasonable people seek ways to resolve disputes in these areas without engaging in costly litigation or bitter courtroom battles. Collaborative law methods are a wise choice for many people. Anelli Law, LLC, in Columbus advises and represents Ohio residents in collaborative law settings as well as in other formats such as mediation or traditional divorce.

Facing A Separation Or Divorce? Your Priorities Are The Starting Point.

Hearing what is on your mind is the first order of business during your initial consultation with family law attorney Dianna M. Anelli.

You may be naturally concerned about how to protect your children's interests as well as your parental rights. You may want to secure your role as the custodian of your children, especially if you have been the more involved parent during your marriage or domestic partnership.

You may be worried about child support and/or spousal support (alimony). How will you manage financially without your provider spouse's income in the household? If you will pay support, how will you ensure that the court order is for a reasonable sum?

You may be thinking about property division. What will become of the marital home, bank account and other valuable assets? How will retirement funds be split?

Allegations of domestic violence or child abuse may be an issue that can have legal repercussions. Has your spouse accused you of harassment or abuse? Have you experienced threats or physical harm by your partner or spouse?

Get Answers You Can Put To Use Right Away As Your Divorce Moves Forward

Discuss your concerns with confidence at the law offices of Anelli Law, LLC, and begin to work on getting answers to your most important questions. Attorney Dianna M. Anelli is prepared to work closely with you at tackling each area of concern through a customized, realistic approach.

Get practical advice that you can put to work right away — such as how to manage your bank accounts throughout the divorce process. Talk about how to prevent your spouse from hiding assets — or how to discover hidden assets. If you retain Anelli Law, LLC to handle your divorce, we can put legal protections in place to protect marital assets from the beginning of the divorce process.

Benefits Of Collaborative Law

The most satisfactory resolution to dilemmas such as these may come about through collaborative law. If you and your spouse are committed to this process, you may experience benefits, including:

  • Private, out-of-court decision-making on your own schedule
  • A family-centered approach aimed at a resolution that keeps you and your children at the center
  • An opportunity to learn to communicate civilly with your soon-to-be ex-spouse throughout the years ahead of co-parenting

The agreements you make in collaborative law settings will translate to a document to be presented to family court. If negotiations fail before reaching this conclusion, both parties must start over with new lawyers. This built-in incentive toward a mutually agreed upon settlement is one of the strengths of collaborative law.

A Full-Service Family Law Firm

An experienced, attentive lawyer at Anelli Law, LLC, can advise and represent you in matters including paternity, grandparent visitation and juvenile visitation for unmarried parents. Dianna M. Anelli can advise and guide you as you prepare for mediation, if applicable. Bring your concerns to her attention by calling 614-228-7710 or inquiring through this website.

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