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When Professionals Face Ethics Challenges

A lawyer, a nurse or any professional who has been accused of an ethics violation faces a legal challenge as well as a threat to their livelihood. Anelli Law, LLC, is a sought-after source of consultations and advocacy for professionals with ethics problems or questions. Clients include lawyers, nurses, psychologists, and physical therapist assistants.

If you are an Ohio professional in doubt as to whether an action is ethical, request a proactive opinion from Dianna M. Anelli in Columbus. Prevent ethics challenges by seeking legal consultation before taking action.

Prompt Legal Counsel Is Vital

Perhaps a complaint or challenge has already surfaced. For best results, get solid legal advice early on in an ethics case. This is the most important thing to do to protect your rights and interests. The preliminary investigation after an ethics complaint has been made is a critical time. An experienced advocate on your side may be able to put a stop to your case. Consult with an ethics lawyer before it escalates to become a more serious challenge to the integrity of your professional practice.

'Did An Ethics Violation Occur?' That Is The First Question.

Ms. Anelli is available to review and analyze the facts of your case. The first step is to determine whether an ethics violation has likely occurred. If the answer is no, your defense may be straightforward. If evidence points to a breach of professional ethics, the path to a favorable outcome may be more difficult, but improving your prospects of a successful resolution is vital to your career.

'Will I Lose My Professional License?' — The Other Critical Question

Attorney Dianna M. Anelli has built a strong reputation in cases involving nursing ethics, attorney ethics and ethical standards for other professions. She is prepared to defend you in investigations and administrative hearings. As a former prosecutor, she has seen ethics violations cases from all angles. She often serves as an expert witness in ethics matters.

Attorney Referrals And Self-Referrals Are Welcome

Clients at Anelli Law, LLC, often come by way of referrals through The Ohio Bar Journal, a national bar association for attorneys who practice ethics law, and word-of-mouth attorney referrals.

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