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Wills, Trusts And Probate Law For Ohio Residents

Individuals and families can rely on Anelli Law, LLC, in Columbus for comprehensive, compassionate and cost-effective estate planning. The firm also provides probate advice and guidance. Areas handled by the firm include wills, trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives, guardianship, probate administration and probate litigation.

A Columbus Law Firm Handling All Aspects Of Estate Planning And Probate

The law firm delivers customized services covering all aspects of estate and probate law, including:

  • Exploring and understanding options in estate planning
  • Selecting and drafting appropriate testamentary documents
  • Updating wills and trusts after a divorce
  • Reviewing and replacing wills and trusts as needed after a move to Ohio or after any other significant life change
  • Advice for a person acting as power of attorney for a loved one
  • Planning for Medicaid eligibility
  • Establishing a guardianship
  • Defending someone who does not want a guardian
  • Guidance through the probate process for a person named as an executor or personal representative after a loved one passes away

Ensuring Clear Understanding And Smooth Implementation Of Key Documents

Clients of the firm include adults of all ages who are interested in preparing wills and trusts, as well as family members preparing for or dealing with a death in the family. Powers of attorney, wills and trusts are powerful legal documents that require careful thought and personalization. Attorney Dianna M. Anelli takes great pains to ensure that clients understand what they are signing and how to implement these critical documents when the time comes.

In-depth counsel on estate planning and probate matters may include taking steps to protect a senior citizen or disabled person from exploitation. Even someone with dementia wants to retain some control over his or her life. Ms. Anelli will work to create a power of attorney that will achieve its desired objectives while protecting the person it is designed for.

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To schedule a consultation with lawyer Dianna M. Anelli on any aspect of estate planning or probate law, call 614-228-7710or send an inquiry through this website.

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